Ecosystems: Biosphere

This assignment was to create a mini biosphere. We got a mason jar, and added all the necessary things needed to keep it living forever. (It didn’t.) We needed at least 1 biotic and 1 abiotic (living and non-living, respectively) to put in said mason jar. We needed to make a video to explain all the necessary steps to make such a biosphere, as well as instructions. (Steps, as well as the materials needed.)

We created… a mini biosphere, a recipe, a blog post, a video, in my case some audio.

We worked on critical thinking, research, how to look for things, and little other bits, like making a video, and time management.

I learned If you give an Ezra a plant, a jar, dirt, and various other things, he will kill said plant, dirt, and various other things. More legitimately, I learned keeping plants alive is hard, requires much research (which I didn’t do enough of), and can be unfun at times. I learned videos are hard to make, audio sucks if it’s by me, and you cringe at your own videos. I learned how to make okay recipes, and excellent… I don’t know. Excellent compost? Sure. I learned that and much more.

I could improve this assignment in so many ways: not killing the plant, making the recipe better, and simpler, making a better video, having proper time management, etc. Also, finding proper software. And so on. Sorry, I kinda messed up on this one.

So, my audio is seperate from my video because the software I used broke. A little. You might have to mess with the timings and stuff to get them synched up. Sorry. More explanation: There was a problem and the audio and video don’t go together. Here’s the audio. You have to do some funny loading and timing stuff to get it to work. Sorry. Also, it’s kind of quiet.

Blog Post Assignment

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